Royal Enfield Electric Bike: Famous motorcycle manufacturer company Royal Enfield has recently introduced electric motorcycles to the market. There has been a lot of discussion through various means about the electric version of this bike. However, the British manufacturer, British Two Wheeler, has quickly made this discussion a reality.

It is certain that Royal Enfield will bring electric bikes to India because Siddharth Lal, Managing Director of Hacher Motors, announced this during an earnings call for the year 2023. Bike enthusiasts are eagerly waiting to see the electric version of this bike within a few months.

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It is known that Royal Enfield has joined hands with Spanish company Stark Future to make this electric bike. Last year, Stark Motors invested INR 4.39 billion and purchased a 10.35% stake in Royal Enfield. The company is now building a new factory in Tamil Nadu to manufacture this electric motorcycle.

Before launching any bike in India, the company conducts multiple tests and verifies the quality of the bike on multiple grounds. Royal Enfield verifies the quality of the bike on multiple fields in different terrains. After verifying the bike’s performance and usefulness for riding, the bike is launched in the market.

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It has been reported that Royal Enfield will also follow the same protocol for launching electric bikes. The timeline for launching this motorcycle has been announced, which is between 2025 and 2026.

Furthermore, it has been revealed that the company will build the complete electric bike with battery and battery management systems in their facility. Even though it is electric, the bike will follow Royal Enfield’s well-known design and styling. However, keeping technology in mind, it will also have modern features such as a digital console, Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, keyless entry, etc.

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