Shahrukh Khan is called the King Khan of Bollywood and he worked day and night to achieve this name, due to which today Shahrukh Khan has a fan following all over the world. Shahrukh Khan has always left the mark of his character in the hearts of the audience, due to which Shahrukh has emerged as a big actor in Bollywood and now Shahrukh Khan remains in the headlines due to his children.

Recently, one thing is spreading fast in the media about Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan and that is that Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan has spent many of his nights with foreign girls. Even before this, Aryan Khan was in the headlines because he was arrested by the Mumbai Police for the use of wrong things, but after that, he was released under legal action but Aryan is once again in the headlines.

Actually, Shahrukh Khan had sent all his children abroad to study and when Shahrukh sent Aryan to study abroad, he was seen partying with foreign girls and friends instead of studying. Many pictures of Aryan Khan with foreign girls are going viral on social media in which he can be seen dancing with a girl wearing a girl’s dress.

It is worth noting that Aryan Khan spends his nights only with those girls after partying for so long, due to which there is a rumor in the media that Aryan Khan mostly spends his time with foreign girls.

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