Urfi Javed, who has made her mark for her strange or unique look, has made crores of people crazy today. The main reason for Urfi Javed to remain in the limelight is because of his totally different dressing sense. She is sometimes seen wearing a dress made of glass bottles and sometimes made of paper. On many occasions, she has posted hot and bold pictures on social media, she has gained a lot of fame in the last few times. There are many fans of today’s time on social media. And gives a lot of love to their pictures. Recently she is again in the limelight.

When Urfi Javed came out of Bigg Boss OTT, he shared many things with the media. During this, Urfi Javed had revealed that her childhood was difficult and she had also become a victim of depression. During this, Urfi revealed that when she was in class 11, one of her friends had shared a picture of her on an adult site, after which her family members misunderstood her and did not support her.

Referring to the misbehavior by her father, the actress said that even her father did not trust her at all. He made false allegations. I was not allowed to speak anything. I was tortured a lot. Due to this, I had to leave my house and I survived with great difficulty.

Urfi Javed further said that my father harassed me mentally and physically. My relatives wanted to check my bank account. They felt that there was money hidden in my bank account. I do wrong Relatives used to call me a porn star. For two years I was kept locked in the house, later thrown out of the house.”

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