Dobaaraa’, that is, 2:12, that is, Dobaaraa. Anurag Kashyap has presented the Spanish film ‘Mirage’ Dobaaraa in Hindi. Those whom he has shown this film before the release, they are being given what picture has been made. This is the trap of the film industry, in which critics are often trapped. And then the aura of Anurag Kashyap as a director and Taapsee Pannu as an actress is such that you think you are going to see something amazing. Then if you do not find anything special in the film, or say that you do not understand, then it seems that this is the USP of the film.

In the cinema of the land, the amazing characters have been Anurag Kashyap’s specialty. There has also been a lot of applause for Anurag on his own style of cinema. But this does not guarantee that every film of his will be amazing. You can say the same thing for Taapsee Pannu because Taapsee is known for her films, her characters, and her different choices. You would say that why are we talking about these two except ‘Dobaaraa’. Actually, you are going to see this film on the credibility of all of them. But the food made with good spices is good every time, it is not necessary. The same applies to ‘dobaaraa’.

Just like the Spanish film Mirage, ‘Dobaara’ is a story of two time zones. One story starts in 1996 and the other from 2021. The connection between these 25 years is an old camera and an old TV set. In 1996, a child, watching videos of his father on camera and recording his message for him, witnesses a murder in a nearby house and is then killed in an accident with a fire truck. The house is bought by a family after 25 years, and in that room, with the same camera and TV, Antara is able to talk with the child who died 25 years ago. Antara saves Anay and everything is changed the next morning. The entire timeline changes. Antara, who was a nurse in the first timeline, is now a doctor. Her husband, her daughter everything one turns. Now the story goes through that camera, that TV, once Dobaara with Anaya’s quest to prove the killer, Antara’s passion to get her daughter Avanti back.

To justify all this sequence, Anurag Kashyap has taken the reference point of a magnetic storm, that is, a storm which when it comes, changes a lot and which even science cannot understand. The difficulty is that even for those who do not understand science, Anurag Kashyap has tried to convince the audience by showing him intermittent commentary on TV news channels, lightning falling from the sky, raining water. If you do not understand this, then this is Anurag Kashyap’s cinema. But the truth is that to understand this, it is not possible to get someone ready to watch the film Dobaara.

Miraj means, that what is seen is not there. ‘Dobaara’ means everything Dobaara. By re-creating Miraj, Anurag has given a challenge like that, but in reality, solving this puzzle is not going to be as fun as Christopher Nolan’s film. The screenplay is the weakest link in this two-and-a-half-hour film. As a director, Anurag has disappointed with this remake.

Taapsee Pannu, who is always expected to part ways, hasn’t done anything we haven’t seen before in ‘Dobaara’. Saraswati Chatterjee’s character is very sketchy as if you are watching a villain from a comic book. Pavli Gulati needs to work more on her character. Yes, Rahul Bhatt has definitely impressed with his timing in Dobara.

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