Houses Will Be Expensive In The Coming Months – Survey Claims: 58% People Want To Buy Ready-to-move-in Property In Coming Months

House prices may increase in the coming months due to increased demand. According to a survey by and Naredco, 50% of buyers believe that an improvement in demand could lead to a rise in house prices.

According to the survey report released on Monday, 58 per cent buyers want to buy ready-made houses. NAREDCO President Rajan Bandelkar said, after Corona, the demand for residential properties has increased rapidly. With the festive season approaching, housing demand across the country is expected to remain strong in the coming quarters, despite concerns arising from rising loan rates. The survey has been conducted among more than 1,000 participants planning an investment.

Many builders increased prices due to increase in cost

Several real estate companies listed on the stock exchanges said they have increased prices in the last one year due to cost escalation. The demand for houses will increase further in the coming months. This will have a direct impact on the prices. However, home buyers have become a little cautious about the economic outlook.

47% of people want to invest in real estate. 21% in the stock market, 16% in FD and 15% people want to invest money in gold.

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