Income tax survey for BBC offices in Delhi and Mumbai: After the release of controversial documents by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the Indian Income Tax Department conducted a survey of BBC offices located in Delhi and Mumbai. It is unclear why the IT department visited the London-based media company’s offices, but it was reported that the visit was not an Income Tax raid but a survey of the media.

BBC staff were asked to turn off their phones and not leave the building on February 14, the day of the survey. BBC’s London office has been notified of the situation.

As a result of a BBC documentary titled ‘India: The Modi Question’, the Congress party has criticized the Bharatiya Janata Party-led central government. Let us tell you that this documentary explores Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s relationship with the 2002 Gujarat riots.

Property Of BBC

BBC operates under a Royal Charter, which is an instrument of incorporation granted by the reigning monarch and is a public domain company in the United Kingdom. The IT department is conducting a ‘survey’ of BBC offices in Mumbai and Delhi.

While the total operating cost of the company is around Rs 3000 crore, the net profit of the company in the year 2021 was around Rs 2700 crore. According to media reports, the total net worth of BBC is around Rs 31,000 crore.

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