Shahrukh Khan Fans are waiting for his big project movie ‘Jawan’. There was no update about this movie for many days. A small motion picture of this film was released in front of the audience. But no update was being given regarding this movie.

Recently, the news is coming that ‘Jawan’ movie has been postponed and this movie will no longer be released in June. Even, this movie will not be released in July. It is being heard that now the ‘Jawan’ movie will be released in the month of August.

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Many reasons are coming out behind this. Already many updates were getting slow regarding this movie. Neither any teaser of Jawan movie was released, nor any update was given. It seemed that the makers have forgotten about this powerful movie of SRK.

There is some news from the makers. That you people must know. Why are they releasing this movie so late?

It is heard that Shah Rukh Khan wants to improve anything in the apex of this movie. According to Shahrukh Khan, he wants to make the VFX of this movie like this. So that there is no lack of VFX in any scene of the movie. And the movie ‘Jawan’ really gave his fans a powerful experience.

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After the hit of his recently released movie ‘Pathan’, Shah Rukh Khan has understood everything about what the audience likes, what is the strategy of the film hit. That’s why he now wants to keep his every step very thoughtful.

‘Jawan’ Movie New Release Date

Shahrukh Khan’s movie ‘Jawaan’ will not releasing in June or July as originally planned. The movie is now expected to come out in August instead. Fans of Shahrukh Khan are disappointed about this news. Because Shahrukh Khan wants to make sure that the movie has the best special effects. So That Fans are enjoy its VFX. He wants to make the movie a powerful experience for his fans. Shahrukh Khan has learned from the feedback he received for his recent movie ‘Pathan’ and wants to be careful with every step he takes to make ‘Jawaan’ a hit.

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