City Of Jackals director Sujit Dutta (Rino) is all set to release his intriguing thriller in a few days’ time. The film stars Joy Sengupta, Sayoni Ghosh, Shantilal Mukherjee, Kharaj Mukherjee, Amit Saha, and Deboprasad Halder in lead roles.

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Story of a film

The story of the film seems to revolve around a middle-aged man who has neither a future nor a house of his own, but he gets a bag full of money and he starts thinking of marrying his love and settling down with that money. . But along with the bag comes fear, tension, and mistrust, due to which he becomes distant from his friends. In the end, when he tries to do everything right, he has to face adverse situations.

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The trailer of City of Jackals is out

The trailer of this film of 1 hour 58 minutes has been released and the film will be released on November 25, the best thing about the film is that subtitles have also been given in the film, with the help of which even people who do not know Bengali can understand the film. Will be able to enjoy it.

Cast & Crew of this film


  • ◆Joy Sengupta
  • ◆Sayoni Ghosh
  • ◆Santlal Mukherjee
  • ◆Kharaj Mukherjee
  • ◆Deboprasad Jaldee
  • ◆Amit Saha
  • ◆Biswaroop biswas
  • ◆RK singh


  • ◆Director:- Sujit datta
  • ◆Writing credits: Sujit Datta
    ◆Sudipto Dutta
    ◆Kishalya Chatterjee

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