As part of its expansion plan, Indigo Airlines will add about 500 aircraft to its fleet, the order for the planes has already been placed and the planes will gradually join Indigo’s fleet. Indigo Airlines has announced a new partnership with Turkish Airlines to expand its reach in Europe, The move is expected to improve facilities for passengers flying from India to Istanbul and beyond. Indigo will now be able to fly to more than 27 European destinations via its new codeshare partnership with Turkish Airlines.

As part of its expansion plan, Indigo has already ordered 500 new aircraft from Airbus.

Air India has 76 online points in India, so it will be able to reach passengers from Delhi-Mumbai to Istanbul and Europe, including major cities in the UK, France, Italy, Ireland, Austria, and Switzerland.

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According to Indigo’s International Sales Head Vinay Malhotra, the airline has ordered 500 new aircraft for expansion. At present, Indigo operates 1,800 flights a day, 10 percent of which are international. He said that with the new partnership, we are eager to fly further. There are many opportunities for travelers to travel within India and abroad.

The farthest we travel is Turkey and Istanbul, according to Malhotra, and we want to fly further and that is why we partnered with Turkish Airlines. The code ship partnership allows us to enter Europe, an opportunity we have never had before.

It will soon launch flights to Nairobi, Kenya, and Jakarta, Indonesia, Malhotra says, offering hassle-free carrier service, online performance, and affordable fares.

Tata-owned Air India had announced the purchase of 470 aircraft from Airbus and Boeing, and now Indigo has ordered 500 aircraft to join its fleet.

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